CFR transferă de la Şahtior. Ce fotbalist a semnat cu echipa din Gruia - LOOKPLUS
CFR transferă de la Şahtior. Ce fotbalist a semnat cu echipa din Gruia

CFR transferă de la Şahtior. Ce fotbalist a semnat cu echipa din Gruia

Conducerea CFR-ului a profitat de relația bună pe care o are cu Mircea Lucescu și a adus un fotbalist de la Sahtior. Vizita ucrainenilor la Cluj a fost prilejul perfect pentru a se face tranzacția. mol

Cătălin Carp este noua achiziție a clubului din Gruia. În vârstă de 21 de ani, fotbalistul moldovean este un produs al Zimbrului Chișinău, care în urmă cu doi ani a semnat cu Dinamo Kiev, dar în ultimul sezon a jucat sub formă de împrumut la Sahtior.

Mijlocaș defensiv, Carp este și component al echipei naționale a Moldovei, pentru care a debutat anul trecut, într-un amical cu Andorra.

8 septembrie 2014

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  1. Thanks a lot for your article, Nadia. It rellay portrays what Ib4ve been going through for the past months. My natal chart has Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th house and my natal Saturn is in Pisces in the 12th. So, have serious issues with control and holding grudges. To make matters worse, transiting Neptune is conjunct my natal Saturn. With transiting Saturn in my Scorpio in my 8th house, I have been facing serious problems with betrayal (especially at the worplace), which I have been obsessing about. I have the feeling that I need to constantly watch my back to avoid being stabbed at work. Up until now, I had this ilusion (Neptuneb4s fault, I guess) that I had this harmonious atmosphere at work and that everybody was working togegher for the improvement of the whole group. Now, it has become clear to me that I was so very wrong and that people are just after their own good and they may easily stomp over you if needed. It seems that all the masks have dropped down and now I can see the real faces of those people and they donb4t look very good to me. Reading your article made me realize I have to let go of my feelings of resentment. So, thanks again.

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